Relocating can be exciting! Whether you are renting, buying, selling or using a property for investment, if you are like most individuals, your home decisions will be the most complex.

What You Should Know!

Be practical!

Know what you can afford. Our members are provided with financial instruments and data that enable you to make prudent decisions. Before you shop for a home, take an objective look at your financial situation. Carefully review your current income and debt obligations. Regardless of the amount you qualify for from a lender, do not make the mistake of taking out a mortgage that will be a financial struggle for you.

Rent or Buy?

At Military Mutual, we will help you with the decision based on sound judgment.
Home ownership offers many benefits:

> Building Equity

> Saving on federal income taxes

> Stop Inflation –Stable Payments

Renting makes sense when you are:

> Moving within 5 years

> Between jobs – New employer

> Separating from military

> Can’t afford mortgage


Renting involves more than choosing the right home or apartment at the right price
Therefore we can help you determine the:

> Right price

> Security deposits

> Negotiating

> Location

> Negotiating

> Location

> Options

> Extra features

> Green living

> Inspection

> Lease

> Clauses to note

> Renter responsibilities

> Landlord responsibilities

> Renter insurance