Military Mutual provides military discounts for veterans with exclusive programs, services, and resources to its members, with the intention of enhancing their ability to make informed real estate decisions and ensure benefits of service for military veterans and their families.

Listing Commissions!

Save money when you sell

As a Military Mutual member you pay 33% less on average to list your home than the typical person would pay for a brokerage to have their home listed and sold! You can easily save thousands of dollars listing your home with us!

Management Fees

We can manage for free

Not only can we provide top quality property management services to our members we can do so for free or at a premium discount to the tradition fees seen on the market! If you purchase your home with us, we’ll manage it for free up to three years within the time of purchase with us!

Appraisal Refunds

Get your appraisal fee back

We want to ensure you spend as little money out of pocket as possible, so that you can spend your hard earned money on decorating your new home. Therefore, the relationship with our preferred lenders will typically result in a refund or payment up front for the cost of an appraisal on the home you purchase with us!

Buyer Credit

Buy and get money back

We realize that some buyers believe they may not have enough money to buy a home, so we do a full analysis with the loan officer to ensure you are capable. While we cannot pay an unlicensed person a commission, we can rebate a portion of our commission to you, the buyer, as a closing cost credit or to pay part of the down payment, providing the lending guidelines will allow for it.

Rental Deposits

Pay less with us

As an exclusive organization, our homeowners are members just like you and realize the difficulties in military moves or the relocation for veterans and their families. So, as our benefits are extended to them, they in turn usually extend those benefits for you by allowing us to offer reduced deposits for those members who qualify!


Veteran/Family Job Bank

Use our Job Bank widget for jobs available to veterans and their families. If you are one of our members and are interested in a future as a real estate agent with Military Mutual, you may be qualify for your real estate licensee class to be paid for by us. Enjoy a fulfilling career with an organization intended to help our military family, while being provided with the professional development as an independent contractor or full time employee with Military Mutual. Apply Here and Begin Classes Today!